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Air to Water
Heat Pump System

Intellegent Central Heating
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With an air-to-water heat pump system you can save thousands on energy bills, and reduce your impact on the environment in one fell swoop. Air-to-water heat pump systems, or air source heat pumps, absorb thermal energy from the outside air to heat buildings Advanced components 'concentrate' the heat to provide 'free' energy, in underfloor heating, for example.

Bonair engineers can specify, supply and fit such a system in your commercial or domestic project. We can advise on a variety of these popular new systems and supply and fit them according to your needs.

Constant Pressure Fan Extract Systems
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Usually comprising variable speed fans and pressure sensors with special terminals fitted into bathrooms and utility rooms providing background extraction, boosted with the use of PIRs on occupation.

Whole House Ventilation Systems
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Continuous Balanced extract and Fresh air is provided using heat exchanger units of various capacities, ducted usually with clean fresh air to habitable rooms, and foul air being extracted from dirty rooms such as bathrooms and utility rooms. The systems can be set up to operate on background trickle setting boosted to high ventilation rates with the use of manual switches, PIRs or Humidistat’s.

Wine Room &
Cellar Cooler installations

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It is important to maintain your wine room and cellar to the correct temperature. ALL wine should be stored at 14 degrees Celsius with a temperature variation of no more than one degree. Drinking temperatures vary between 6 degrees Celsius (for champagne) and 18 degrees Celsius (for big reds), depending on wine variety.

Bonair is experienced in providing and installations these systems, either at home, the office or your retail premises.

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A well-balanced environment means optimum comfort and productivity.

A well-designed and maintained air conditioning system has had a proven effect on visitors to retail premises.

What We Do.

Bonair designs, builds, installs and maintains expertly engineered, bespoke air conditioning systems for commercial or industrial premises of any scale or complexity.

Bonair designers and engineers are particularly experienced at working alongside architects and interior designers to produce the best possible solution for new-build or renovation projects.

We are a firm of qualified and experienced professionals who believe that design, attention to detail, quality of product and exhaustive testing must always be the fundamental concepts in any project.

Where We Work.

Central and Greater London Area

Bonair designs and installs air conditioning systems across the UK capital. It also undertakes projects in Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

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Our Services.

Bonair offers a full maintenance program for any size of installation to ensure optimum efficiency and cost of ownership. We offer a range of maintenance plans, incorporating multiple-check procedures, and adhere to industry standards.

Bonair people are experienced in working with architects, consultants and interior designers, and seamlessly interfacing with projects.

We enjoy strong trading relationships with all major global manufacturers and distributors of air conditioning systems, and can leverage these relationships to provide the best possible service, whatever your objective.

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We have also undertaken a variety of projects across north Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
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Whatever service you require our team will be happy to advise you or ask any questions you need to know.
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